Kim Kardashian's Latest Look Proves How Dedicated She Is To Her Fitness


It looks like Kim Kardashian is taking this whole waist-training thing pretty seriously.

The 35-year-old star was spotted outside on a hot summer day in Los Angeles sporting an unusual outfit that takes her waist-training dedication to a whole new level.

Kim's blacked-out look featured a long t-shirt, leggings, heels, a messy bun, a pair of oversized sunglasses and... a black waist-training corset.

A bit odd, isn't it? Maybe. But Kim seems to be making a statement. She's extremely dedicated to her new fitness regimen.

Here's the look.

After appearing in Fergie's music video earlier this month, rumors swirled that Kim's part in the footage had been Photoshopped beyond belief.

Once she came across the news, Kim took to her subscription app and website to reveal that there was no Photoshopping involved in the flawlessness of her waist. Instead, Kim was accompanied by a glam squad who used a corset trainer similar to the one in her latest look.

The proof...

It looks like Kim's on pace to have the fittest waist in the game. But maybe keeping the corset UNDERNEATH her clothes is a better choice next time?

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