You'll Be Able To Own Your Haters Like Kim K Thanks To Her 'Clapback Tutorial'

If there's anything Kim Kardashian has proven in the last 24 hours, it's she knows how to clap back.

Now, with a little help from Kim K and her BFF Jonathan Cheban, you too can learn how to destroy someone's carefully cultivated image with a few Snapchats!

Well, no, you probably won't learn quite that much.

But Kim apparently did make a video called "The Clapback Tutorial," and it's all about teaching people how to respond to haters online.

In an interview with Elle, Kim explained the idea:

It's called 'The Clapback Tutorial,' and it's all about, 'When do you respond to someone trolling you online?'

She even went on to give a little bit of advice away for free. Kim said,

For me, I like to respond when someone's comment is so ridiculous. And then I keep it light and funny. But I've learned that the best advice, usually, is don't respond at all. Because a lot of people want the attention of the response. They're doing it for that. I see a lot of horrendous things written about me and I just let it go. But if I have something to say back that I think can be really funny.

Basically, only respond if you have a killer joke to tell, otherwise keep your big mouth shut before it gets you in trouble.

Soooooo, how much do you want to bet 99 percent of Kim's intended audience for this video is Kanye?

No word on when or where this video will be released, but it's perfect timing to announce this tutorial today.

It's hard to deny Kim truly is the master of dealing with haters after she exposed Taylor Swift, the ultimate hater of her husband, Kanye West, on video.

It was diabolical, but I sure did learn a lot!

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