Khloé Finally Speaks Out About Her Relationship Status With Lamar Odom

When Lamar Odom was hospitalized after being found unconscious at a brothel in Nevada, estranged wife Khloé Kardashian reportedly stayed by his side.

In the past two weeks, there have been several rumors circulating about how Khloé and Lamar called off their divorce and plan to be together.

However, in an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Khloé finally opened up about her true relationship with Lamar.

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star shared she will not be getting back with Lamar, even though they decided to hold off on signing divorce paperwork.

Khloé confessed the couple decided to do this so she could make medical decisions for Lamar when he was in critical condition.

She reportedly told the magazine,

I pulled back on the divorce because there is no rush for it... for medical decisions and a ton of other things, it's just smarter that it's put on hold.

She clarified,

But that does not mean I'm back with Lamar. It's not even in our brains to think about us having a relationship. Only time will tell.

Khloé did explain she still does have feelings for Lamar and cares about him deeply. She added,

I loved him always, and I will always love him. I don't believe love is fickle. I believe when you love someone, you are allowed to love from afar. You don't have to be with that person in order to love him.

Lamar is currently receiving treatment. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

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