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Khloé Clapped Back At A Hater Who Called Her B-Day Post For Kanye "Petty"

She'd love if trolls could mind their own business.

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In honor of Khloé Kardashian, I’d recommend we change the spelling of “clapback” to “klapback,” because the 36-year-old reality TV star has zero chill when it comes to shutting down nosy Instagram commenters. Most recently, Khloè Kardashian clapped back at a hater who called her birthday post for Kanye West “petty.” But, per usual, the Good American founder dismissed any contrived drama *real* quick. Her latest response to an online troll has me deceased.

Kardashian doesn’t drink haterade, although plenty of trolls who follow her on social media do, clearly. This week alone, the KUWTK fave took the high road when responding to a Twitter user who said she looked like an alien (like, who hurt this person?). She also logged onto Twitter to address criticisms about her “hypocritical” comments on sustainable living. But Kardashian is on a roll, and it doesn’t seem like she plans on having mercy on her haters anytime soon. On June 8, she burned yet another troll looking to start some trouble in the comments of her IG post that celebrated her former brother-in-law’s 44th birthday.

Kardashian’s post was really sweet, IMO. Showing her, Tristian Thompson, Kim, and Kanye all smiling at the beach, the pic is accompanied by a sentimental message: “Happy birthday to my brother for life!!! Have the best birthday, Ye! Sending you love and endless blessings!! 🤍”

Seeing Kardashian call West her “brother for life” may warm your heart — this caption is a solid sign that West and the Kardashian crew are still on good terms despite West and Kim going through a divorce settlement as we speak. Kim, herself, even dropped a red balloon emoji in the comments of Kardashian’s post, which is another positive omen. However, it was beneath the SKIMS mogul’s lowkey comment that a troll stirred up some drama (why???).

“Im [sic] sorry Kim,” the commenter said. “The whole 'brother for life' thing is too petty for me. Your sister bond should be much more strong than feeling the need to say that. Your divorce was so hard on you even the picture is uncalled for. There is [sic] so many other pictures. Google could of [sic] been her friend. This wasn't cute but im [sic] glad your being strong through it all.”

I, personally, had so many thoughts on this hater’s two cents — but Kardashian’s response pretty much summarizes everything wrong with it. (And I do mean everything!) Never one to whip up a half-hearted clapback, she got real AF in the comments section.

“Why are you even commenting on something you know nothing about?” she responded. “You don't think me and my sister's [sic] talk about one another's feelings? We are with one another every day. This is MY FAMILY. Not yours! Don't comment as if you in the know unless you are actually in the know. Weirdo!!"

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Now that’s what I call a roast (respectfully done, of course). Kardashian is so right about her family; no one knows their situation as much as they do. Moreover, rumor has it Kim and Kanye’s divorce is amicable, so this particular hater’s comment — which implies the former power couple has beef — was so random.

Regardless, it’s always juicy to see Khlo, reigning Komeback Kween, set the record straight.