Khloé Kardashian responds to comments about her less-than-eco-conscious habits.

Khloé Responded To Critics Calling Her A Hypocrite Over Her Plastic Water Bottle IG Rant

She thinks people are turning "nothing into something."

Michael Tullberg/WireImage/Getty Images

These days, everyone is doing their best to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle, including Khloé Kardashian. But recently, the Good American founder came under fire for one of her everyday environmentalist efforts: pushing reusable water bottles instead of environmentally harmful single-use plastic bottles. Khloé Kardashian’s response to criticism over her plastic water bottle Instagram post is a lot to process.

Lots of people know that single-use plastic water bottles are a huge problem for our planet — throwaway plastics are seriously polluting our oceans, and manufacturing these plastics often requires burning oil (which contributes to climate change). So, people like Kardashian are working to reduce the size of their carbon footprint, even if that just means embracing reusable water bottles over throwaway ones. On June 7, the reality TV star took to Instagram to share a photo of her motivational, one-gallon reusable water bottle. After posting the pic, she then complained about how she’d witnessed people using the water bottle in a not-so-sustainable way.

“I see people taking [plastic] water bottles, and they’re just pouring it into the gallon-sized reusable plastic bottles so they can consume their water for the day,” she said in her Insta story. “That defeats the purpose because those water bottles are just going to go in a landfill somewhere and potentially cause pollution and we’re trying to limit our [usage of throwaway] plastics.”


The IG story she’d originally posted this message is no longer available for viewing, although it sparked a greater conversation about Kardashian supposedly being hypocritical in her environmentalist preachings. Although Kardashian criticized others for their use of throwaway plastics, people online argued she’s no perfectionist when it comes to eco-consciousness, anyway: for instance, Kardashian’s own kitchen is stocked with products packaged in single-use plastics; she is also fond of elaborate cut-flower arrangements (which often have a negative impact on the planet) and Latex balloon-filled b-day bashes.

However, Kardashian combated those criticisms on Twitter later that day. In a series of four tweets, she said:

Oh my! LOL What drives me 🤪 is that people turn nothing into something. It must be a slow news day. I am constantly learning and trying to be better for the environment for the sake of my daughter. I am the last one to say that I’m super environmentally conscious because I know how much more I have to learn. All I was simply saying is a pet peeve of MINE. I find it silly that people are pouring 4 to 5 single-use plastic bottles into a reusable container. It’s sort of defeats the purpose… Sometimes plastic water bottles are the only option for some people and I totally get that… It’s not about being perfect. It’s about learning and hopefully making small changes for our future.

In the tweets, she also mentioned people can purchase a water filtration system that “you can buy easily for the price of a case of water bottles,” and solicited sustainability tips from her followers. “Anyways, I love when I get educated on easy tips as to how to potentially make a change in our world... Hopefully we all do our part in our own ways,” she concluded.

Kardashian is right — when it comes to living a more environmentalist lifestyle, no one is perfect. It’s super helpful that folks called her out for her past, non-eco-conscious behaviors, and hopefully, she’ll think critically about her future choices. Trust the learning process!