Here's How To Get Kendall Jenner's Instagram-Famous 'Heart Hair'

by Stacey Leasca

If you don't follow Kendall Jenner on Instagram, you're doing something wrong.

Homegirl is constantly posting some of the best images on the social outlet, including snaps with her famous #squad, pics of her famous fam and hair inspiration photos for days.

Take, for example, her heart hair photo, which was just named the most-liked image on Instagram, ever.

To date, the image has over 3.4 million likes and over 150,000 comments. Why? Because it's cool as hell, that's why.

Now, Tokyo-based stylist Ryoji Imaizumi is sharing the easiest way you, too, can achieve Kendall's Instagram-worthy style. His tip? Use chopsticks to easily separate your hair into lovely little hearts.

Check out Imaizumi demonstrating the technique below. You can thank us for all your Instagram likes later.