These 10 Photos Received The Most Likes On All Of Instagram This Year

We live in a social media-obsessed society where self-worth is often measured in terms of likes and followers.

Nowadays, the Internet is almost like a giant popularity contest where people use photos to compete for approval of others.

So, what sets a like-worthy picture apart from the typical photo uploads on social media platforms like Instagram?  Well for starters, being a celeb really tends to help.

If you want to achieve one of the top ranks of social media stardom, it appears all you have to do is be a part of the Jenner squad or look like Taylor Swift and take selfies with your cat.

Yep, we recently set out to find which pictures received the most likes on Instagram this year, and not surprisingly, Taylor Swift totally took the win as Instagram's HBIC by occupying most of the spots on this list of impressive uploads.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the most popular Instagram pics of the year.

1. Kendall Jenner's lovely hairstyle

2. T Swift's roses from Kanye

3. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris flexing some serious #RelationshipGoals

4. Kylie Jenner showing off her diploma

5. Queen Bey and her adorable baby, Blue Ivy

6. Taylor Swift pretending to be a meerkat with Meredith

7. Selena Gomez rocking her favorite sweatshirt

8. Taylor Swift alongside a slightly terrified-looking Meredith

9. T Swift waking up like this with her kitty-cat BFF

10. Kendall Jenner taking a celebratory selfie in honor of hitting 20 million followers on Instagram