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Kendall Jenner faced backlash for wearing two over-the-top looks at Simon Huck and Lauren Perez's we...

Kendall Got Completely Dragged For 2 Very Extra Outfits She Wore As A Wedding Guest

Let's just say they were eye-catching.


Is Kendall Jenner the ultimate wedding guest? According to fans, apparently not. Jenner’s BFF Lauren Perez got hitched on Nov. 11, and it was one heck of a star-studded affair. As it turns out, Perez has a lot of famous friends, and in addition to Jenner, other notable stars at the ceremony included Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber. Perez and her friends were dressed to the nines, so the Instagram photos from the evening were everything. But after seeing what Jenner wore to the wedding, some fans took issue with her outfit choice. That same weekend, Jenner attended her pal Simon Huck’s wedding and, once again, caught criticism for her ensemble. When it comes to her recent wedding attire choices, Jenner just can’t catch a break.

First up, Jenner sported a baby blue satin bridesmaid dress as she walked down the aisle at Perez’s wedding. Following the ceremony, however, she slipped into a slinky black dress that featured cutouts across the chest and stomach. As always, she looked drop-dead gorgeous, but some fans thought the number was a little too risqué for wedding attire. After Jenner posted a pic of the dress on her IG story, fans took to Twitter to call Jenner out for wearing what was deemed an “inappropriate” outfit by many.

“If anyone showed up to my wedding in the dress that Kendall Jenner wore, I would personal hire security and have them escorted out, the audacity to do that to bride and a groom smh,” one person tweeted.

“[why] is Kendall wearing that kind of a dress to a wedding…?” another fan questioned.

Another fan tweeted, “I wouldn’t like it if Kendall Jenner came to my wedding wearing a dress like this.”

But the trolling didn’t stop there. When Jenner attended Huck’s wedding two days later, fans poked fun at her for failing to understand the assignment because she didn’t match the rest of her friends and family. You can see the family photo and Jenner’s mismatched dress below.

The post was flooded with comments about Jenner’s brown gown amid a sea of black dresses. “Everyone fire but Kendall didn’t get the assignment,” one comment read. Another questioned, “Why didn’t Kendall get the black memo?”

Of course, Jenner can wear anything she damn well pleases and she’d look amazing while doing so. Besides, with the holiday season just around the corner, there will be plenty more opportunities for coordinated outfits with her family.