Kendall Jenner Shares The Secret To Having A Popular Instagram

Getty Images

In a recent Vogue feature, Kendall Jenner revealed why she believes she's had 48.3 million followers worth of success on Instagram.

If you're ready to chalk her success up to her family being the most relentlessly prominent group of related humans in recent American entertainment or her work as a model for major fashion lines like Calvin Klein, Chanel and Victoria's Secret, then you're so wrong it's embarrassing.

Kendall insisted her social media success is a result of her grounded online persona.

She said,

My Instagram is all me. I like to keep it very personal and I'd like to keep it that way. You don't really follow to see promotional things at all times. It's my connection with my fans.

Regardless of the fact Kendall makes a living via promotion, her Instagram is a place where fans can escape the pressures of a capitalist society and kick back with their favorite down-to-earth Jenner.

Kendall isn't here to sell things to young girls desperately trying to embody her essence; she's here to casually connect with young girls desperately trying to embody her essence.

At the end of the day, she's one of us.

She's just a gal who loves hanging with friends and keeping it personal.

As an unapologetic Jenner follower myself, I will take note and keep posting nonchalant underwear photos on Instagram, hoping for the same success as Kenny while likely never achieving it.

I guess it's just one of those freak things.

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