No One Was Prouder Of Kendall In The VS Fashion Show Than Her Family (Photos)

Unless the Internet was unceremoniously disconnected in your underground steel bunker of an apartment, and for all you know, the world ended, and you are the last surviving human being, you likely saw a photo from this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show featuring the willowiest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Kendall Jenner lived her dream of walking the VS runway during last night's taping of the annual star-studded fashion extravaganza.

Kendall's coverage kicked off with an Instagram at the show's final fitting of the model with casting director Shaun Beyen.

Kenny cuddled up to fellow fancy undies model Behati Prinsloo at rehearsal.

The girls robed-up for hair and makeup.


Honestly! Why can't my underwear have an elaborate train cascading down the back of my legs??


Why can't all of my friends' undies feature whimsically-themed costumery??

The reality star casually held up her boobs, even though thousands of dollars of Victoria's Secret merch was already doing the job for her.

Ken-Ken shared a snap of one of her looks, candidly displaying what Elsa from “Frozen” likely wears under her regal gown.

“Emotional and excited” does not even begin to cover the thrill of strutting down the runway in intricately-bedazzled panty contraptions.

Kenny's sister, Khloé Kardashian, enjoyed a contact high from the festivities.


Kylie Jenner praised her other half to Twitter fans.

She didn't want all the pressure! She was everything tho — Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) November 11, 2015

Then, Kylie Jenner praised her other half again on Instagram.


As expected, Kris Jenner's Insta was on fire with Kennygrams.

From hair and makeup onward, Kris documented her baby's big day.


Just in case the world was yet unaware of Kris' proud mama status, she hashtagged it endlessly.


Even Kim Kardashian West took a moment to honor Kenneth Jenneth's flashy stomp down the runway.


Caitlyn Jenner, too, basked in the sweet glory of the backstage buzz, claiming she “cried” watching her daughter achieve a lifelong goal.


The show airs on CBS December 8 at 10 pm, and it's a safe bet Kris will be live-tweeting #ProudMama updates all night long.