Are Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker back together? The two have been spending a lot of time together...

Kendall And Devin Are Hanging Out, Like, A Lot Amid Those Breakup Rumors


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Turns out, love might still be in the air for Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker. Since rumors of their breakup hit the internet on June 22, the pair has been spotted out together several times — and they definitely didn’t look like quarreling exes. So, um, are Jenner and Booker back together? And were they ever really broken up in the first place? Here are on the details on their rumored breakup and potential reconciliation.

On June 22, a source told Entertainment Tonight, “Kendall and Devin hit a rough patch recently and have been split for about a week and a half." Apparently, Jenner was the one who called things off though they reportedly ended on good terms — like, really good terms. On July 1, two weeks after their reported split, Jenner and Booker were spotted together in the Hamptons. Per reports, the duo shopped at a local liquor store in Bridgehampton, NY. “There wasn’t any PDA, but they both looked to be in a great mood,” an insider told Us Weekly of the outing. Jenner also appeared to stay on brand by “buying a bottle of her own 818 Tequila, which people in the liquor store joked about.”

This isn’t the first time that Jenner and Booker have been together since their reported breakup. On June 26, the model and NBA player were seen at the SoHo House in Malibu. “They looked very cozy,” an eyewitness told InTouch the following day. “They were hanging out on the second floor. Everyone was having fun!” Photos posted by TMZ seemed to confirm the two were smiling together.

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So are they the most amicable exes, like, ever? Or did the breakup reports get it wrong? Technically, the duo never confirmed the split themselves. Plus, they certainly haven’t been interacting like exes on IG. They both still follow each other on the platform, and on June 26, days after the duo reportedly broke up, they were liking each other’s photos. Note: Booker liked a cheeky photo of Jenner sunbathing sans bikini. Feels a lil flirty for exes, no?

Originally, sources claimed that the couple called it quits following Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s wedding on May 22. Even then, the possibility of reconciliation was reportedly always in the cards. According to Us Weekly, Jenner and Booker wanted to “figure out if a future together is what’s meant to be” — hence the breakup. Maybe they just figured out their future sooner rather than later?

Although we still don’t know Jenner and Booker’s exact ‘ship status, it certainly looks like they found their way back to each other. I mean, you wouldn’t buy a bottle of 818 with just anyone, right?