Katy Perry's acoustic version of "Never Really Over" on 'SNL' inspired so many tweets.

Katy Perry's Acoustic Version Of "Never Really Over" From SNL Has Fans In Awe

She gave her 2019 single a whole new sound.


Katy Perry recently dropped her new single “When I’m Gone” earlier in January which showed the pop singer still has new tricks up her sleeve. And on Saturday, Jan. 29 when Katy performed on Saturday Night Live as the musical guest, she once again gave fans an unexpected treat. The singer performed her 2019 song “Never Really Over,” but instead of delivering the single’s usual fast-paced pop beat, she switched it for an acoustic version of the tune. And it did not disappoint. These tweets about Katy Perry’s acoustic version of “Never Really Over” on SNL are so here for the new sound.

“Never Really Over” was the lead single on the Perry’s sixth studio album Smile, and was nominated at the APRA Music Awards of 2020 for Most Performed Pop Work of the Year. In the U.S. the song debuted at number 15 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, which ultimately gave Perry her 19th top 20 song in the country. In April 2021, “Never Really Over” was certified platinum in the U.S. So, yeah, it’s a really popular song. And Perry might have started a resurgence with the latest version.

Perry kicked off her SNL performances with her newest tune “When I’m Gone,” and hit the stage wearing a red leather outfit with backup dancers dressed as mushrooms. Later in the night, she revamped the stage and had her musicians sit on giant mushrooms while she stood center-stage in a blue ensemble with a giant puffed bottom that give off Alice in Wonderland vibes.

The decision to slow down “Never Really Over” and take most of its production away gave the song a much more emotional vibe, as well as really highlighting Perry’s vocal talents. Fans are already loving the new sound, and these tweets prove it.

KatyCats also couldn’t avoid talking about her “When I’m Gone” performance, which featured dancing mushrooms. And with Perry’s 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show delivering everyone’s favorite dancing shark, it’s no wonder fans are taking notice of the pop singer’s dance crew and their costumes.

The performances definitely pumped KatyCats up for Perry’s bis year. The pop star kicked off her Las Vegas residency at the very end of 2021, and she’s poised to take 2022 by storm.