Yep, Kate Hudson And Nick Jonas Are Hanging Out Again


Y'all thought it was just a casual, one-time hookup and look what happened… Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas are crazy, deeply, passionately in ~looove~, probably.

The 37-year-old "Mother's Day" actress and the 23-year-old "Champagne Problems" singer were spotted out to dinner in New York Sunday night at Carbone in Soho, where paparazzi descended upon them mercilessly, as per usual.

Dressed in sheer plum and forest green, the pair looked like two sensual jungle birds on the verge of making love mid-flight, or whatever sensual jungle birds do.

Of the nature of his relationship with Hudson, Jonas previously told Celebs Now,

We're very good friends. Whatever it was, I think it's between her and me. I'll just leave it at that. But it's never simple, with anything.

Coy, dude, coy. Very subtle. Nailed it. No one suspects a thing.

Though Hudson's also been seen cuddling up to footballer JJ Watt, a woman does not simply eat Italian food on a Sunday night with a man she isn't at least considering putting a few babies in at some point down the line.