Kanye West Just Got Offered A New Job To Help Pay Off All His Debt

Getty Images

In the most cringe-worthy tweet (and photoshop manipulation) I've seen in a long time, the Philadelphia Police Department just offered Kanye West a job.

Say it with me, everyone: yikes.

People already crowdfunded to help the rapper out with his money problems after he claimed to be $53 million in debt via yet another confusing series of tweets.

Obviously, that is ridiculous, and Kanye, who literally never stops talking about how rich he is, is ridiculous. I think the inevitable mockery following such an outrageous claim is well-deserved. And if Kanye IS in debt that bad, like, dude, how'd you mess that one up?

But... Philly Police, maybe chill a bit. With the level of police tension and scrutiny of police and racism in the last five years, now might not be the time to pull out your memes mocking the most famous rapper in the world.

I will give them props for a nearly seamless photoshop job, though. Who's your graphic design intern, Philly PD?

Well, all that's left to do now is wait and see if Kanye lands an interview.