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Kanye Legit Said Kim Is Still In Love With Him On His New Album

And that's not all he said about her.

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Past romances are hard to shake. So can we blame Kim Kardashian for supposedly still having a soft spot for Kanye West? No — they were married for seven years and only divorced eight months ago. (According to that one breakup rule, it should theoretically take Kardashian 3.5 years to get over the Yeezus rapper. Just saying!) Now evidencing the SKIMS founder’s undying adoration for her former man is... musings from her former man. Yup, Kanye *literally* said Kim is still in love with him in new lyrics from Donda. I would like a fact check, please.

West has made the release of his latest album, Donda, a really big deal. Last month, he faked everyone out by announcing the project would drop on July 23; yet, it never came out on streaming platforms, and the only people who got to experience Donda fully were those who tuned in for its Apple Music listening party the night before.

Many Kanye stans were unsurprised by the whole snafu, since the 44-year-old hip-hop icon os now infamous for not delivering on release dates. Donda, in fact, was supposed to drop in 2020. But despite West’s predictable chaos, some hopefuls were still disappointed about the elusiveness of this new album, which *still* doesn’t have an official new drop date.

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But a lack of schedule hasn’t stopped West from promoting the heck out of Donda. On August 5, he hosted another listening party for the project in Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium, which has also served as his crash pad for the last week or so. As with the first function — where he performed a few songs seemingly about Kardashian and their kids — he also shared some never-before-heard ~musings~ about his ex-wife, according to Daily Mail. One of them? “Time and space is a luxury,” he mused in front of the crowd. “But you came here to show that you're still in love with me.” How sweet.

It’s true that Kardashian did show up for her ex-husband. She even tweeted a video and #DONDA about it — and supporting your former life partner’s career equates to being madly in love with them still. Obviously.

But those lyrics aren’t all West shared during his latest listening party. Per Daily Mail, he reportedly sang other emotionally charged verses, such as “Feeling like you ain't been happy for me lately, darling," and “Whoa, but I guess it’s going different in a different direction lately / Tryna do the right thing with the freedom that you gave me.”

Judging by what West has performed so far, there are *a lot* of musings about Kardashian on Donda. Not knowing when we’ll get the ~full story~ is driving me wild.