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Kanye And Irina Shayk's Relationship May Be Cooling Down

She’s got what he needs, but she says he’s just a friend.

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Oh, the sting of those six little words: I like you as a friend. Everyone’s been there, including — apparently — Kanye West. Rumor has it not even the multimillionaire rapper, record producer, and fashion entrepreneur can stay cuffed as of late, and his first post-divorce romance is already donezo. Apparently, his rumored boo, supermodel Irina Shayk, sees Kanye West as a friend. Rough.

When it was revealed through the grapevine that West and Shayk were a thing, you may have been surprised he was bouncing back from his divorce from Kim Kardashian so quickly. Kimye officially separated in February, marking the conclusion of their nine years together (they began dating in 2012 and tied the knot in 2014). Only five months passed before West was linked with Shayk in June (the two supposedly dated back in 2010 as well).

But time is merely a construct, anyway, and that same month, Page Six reported the rapper had set his sights on the supermodel. “Kanye always had a thing for Irina,” an insider source explained. “She came to mind early on in his divorce from Kim. He decided to shoot his shot, and it worked.”

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Alas, it worked… until it didn’t. As of July 14, the reignited flame between Shayk and West has already fizzled, according to Page Six. “She likes him as a friend, but doesn’t want a relationship with him,” a source close to the ~friends~ told the news outlet after rumors swirled about Shayk turning West down after he offered her a trip to a Paris fashion show.

“She doesn’t want the association that they are dating, which is what would have run in the press if she showed up [in Paris with him],” the source continued. “It would have been another month of news saying that they are dating.”

The source also told Page Six that Shayk doesn’t want to be linked with anyone right now, as she’s “happy being single.”

Loving that ~I don’t need no man~ mentality. I see you, Irina.