Justin Bieber And James Corden Wear Matching Suits And Sing 'Uptown Funk'

by Anna Menta

Things I never knew I needed: Justin Bieber and James Corden in matching white suits and bowties yelling along to "Uptown Funk."

The duo has already done two "Carpool Karaokes," including this one back in November, and now they're back again for the Grammy Awards.

It's pretty funny — the Biebz rubbing lotion into Corden's face is definitely a pleasure to witness. And now that they're on their third karaoke, they're total bros finishing each other's sentences.

James Corden joked after the video aired on the red carpet,

[Bieber] is my go-to for every facet of my life.

But can we talk about J Biebz's facial hair? Those terrible wisps of upper lip hair are going to be haunting my dreams for days.

Even the snazzy white suit and a sing-a-long with a charming British comedian couldn't make up for that, unfortunately.

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