Justin Bieber Sang Throwbacks With James Corden, And It Was Everything (Video)

by Eitan Levine

There's gotta be something like professionally tacky about singing karaoke to your own songs.

Listen, Justin, it's great you achieved what you've achieved. Sure, it hasn't always been easy. You've been caught in your fair share of scandals and did things I'm positive you'd love to take back, but you've grown up.

Purpose was a major step forward for you, and right now, the public narrative on you seems to be skewing toward treating you as a new and more mature person.

But singing karaoke to your own music? Dude. Come on.

John Lennon wouldn't have sung karaoke to his own music, and trust me, you ain't John Lennon.

Sure, you did sing some Alanis -- respect -- but, like, you still did more Bieber than any other musician. Baby, baby, baby, NO.

Next time you're in a car with James Corden and he asks you to do some quick 'oke, choose literally any song you haven't laid vocals down for already.

Harmonizing with yourself is worse than that whole Anne Frank thing… OK, maybe not AS bad but still pretty ratchet.