Is Justin Bieber Naked In His New Music Video For 'Company'?


ALERT ALERT ALERT: Justin Bieber is kinda-sorta-maybe naked in his new music video for "Company."

Justin released the video for the song off his latest album, Purpose, and it's basically just a simple and sweet mashup of the Biebs' life over the last few months.

We see Justin on tour, Justin in the studio, Justin walking around a field of cows (???), and then... wait... what's that I see at 0:55?! Is that... Justin... naked on a beach?

It's hard to tell for sure, but when the camera pans down, for just a split second we get a shot of that nice V-line.


Let's be real, Justin's not exactly shy about posing naked for the camera.

Look, you don't have to be a Belieber to appreciate those soft boy abs curving into a beautiful V. For that, I can even forgive the terrible haircut and blatant Calvin Klein product placement.

The rest of the music video is a pretty interesting insight into the life of the mega pop star. It looks pretty fun to have a ton of money, travel the world and meet millions of adoring fans!

You keep on doing you, Justin.