Justin Bieber Just Took The Least Sexy, Half-Naked Pic For A New #MyCalvins Ad


Explain yourself, Mr. Bieber. Is this supposed to be a real ad? I only ask because #MyCalvins is a very real ad campaign, but it tends to look a bit more polished.

Justin Bieber uploaded a photo to Instagram late on Friday of him just wearing Calvin Klein underwear in what appears to be a hotel room or a dressing room. The only thing is the photo, if it's a real ad for Calvin Klein, doesn't look like a professional shoot.

That brings up so many questions: Is Calvin Klein taking a new approach to its #MyCalvins ad campaign? Was Bieber paid to take the photo, or is he making fun of the whole series of ads well-known for showing celebrities in Calvin Klein underwear?

Before you see what I mean with the newest photo, remember when the Biebs posed for Calvin Klein a few months ago in January? That photo shoot looked totally legit and Bieber's photos turned out great -- very professional.

If you look at other #MyCalvin photos featuring other celebrities, you can see how they're all roughly similar in style and quality.

Now, seeing all of these previous photos makes this latest photo from Justin a really confusing one, especially because he captioned the photo with just "#mycalvins."

Yeah, you hold onto that thing, Justin, just like in the other ads. Granted, that's the only thing similar to the other ads. He just doesn't look very happy here, and he looks tired, almost sad. What's going on, Justin?

This photo seems less photoshopped than the professional-quality ads, so maybe Calvin Klein is trying a new, more natural approach to its ad campaign. That, or something is up with the Biebs.

Let us know what you make of Justin's newest photo in the comments and tell us whether you think this photo is a legitimate ad or not.