TBT: Justin Bieber's First Music Video Will Give You All The Feels

by Katie Corvino

A lot of things have been happening with Justin Bieber recently.

From releasing his hit single, "What Do You Mean?," to crying at the VMAs and flying in a harness, it's really been one hell of a rollercoaster for Beliebers everywhere.

Most recently, Bieber was spotted hanging out nakey in Bora Bora, letting his man parts fly free. Let's just say fans are losing their sh*t.

Aw, Bieber.

It feels like yesterday he released his first music video, "One Time," and was inviting middle schoolers over to party at Usher's place. Clearly, he's come a long way.

Let's take this Thursday to relive the moment he first captured your heart and made you belieb in love. You ready?

The video opens with Justin and his pal, Ryan, playing video games in Usher's crib. You know, just your average Friday afternoon.

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Please take a look at BABY BIEBS. He's just so youthful here, full of energy and tween-age spirit.

Then Usher calls and is like, "Yo, watch my place tonight" and Biebs is like, "lol TURN UP!"

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He texts some girl named Kelsey to come. Right now, she's insignificant. All you know at this point is Bieber is adorable and you are falling for him. HARD.

These random kids are just chilling in the street, so Biebs invites them. It's gonna be a banger and your man is hosting.

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He starts confessing his love for you but says he's only going to tell you "one time." That's it, that's all you get.

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But then he ends up telling you like, multiple times. Too many times to count, honestly.

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It's cool, thanks for the reassurance, JB.

Just when things are starting to get intimate, your worst nightmare shows up.

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Kelsey, close your mouth. You aren't welcome here.

But then Bieber starts singing about his one love and gives you this look, changing your life forever.

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You become a real Belieber in this moment.

Justin is all like, "Your world is my world" and you're like, "OK, yes, let's take a pic."

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He says, "Your fight is my fight" and you're like, "Cool, let's get married in Bora Bora."

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Everything just comes full circle.

Kelsey ends up leaving the party. It's prob her bedtime. Bye, Kels.

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Then Justin just sits there for a little and contemplates life. Yeah, he's thinking about stuff.

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Soon enough, Usher comes home and Justin's like "OOPS! MY B."

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And Biebs does this cute, little shrug so you know it'll be OK.

The lights go dim and you're left in darkness with nothing but a beating heart for the man of your dreams XOXO.

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Love is real.

What a beautiful throwback. Here's the full video so you can watch for yourself:

Happy Thursday, everyone (except Kelsey). Never stop Beliebing.