Justin Bieber Fell Again At His Concert, And We Can't Handle It


The 22-year-old singer has been getting a lot of attention while on his Purpose tour, but not for the reasons you'd expect.

He was singing in Saskatoon, Canada a couple weeks ago when he wiped out and fell on stage during a performance.

The fall was obviously documented and it went viral. People couldn't stop watching JB disappear into the floor like a freaking magician.

It actually looked pretty painful.

I've probably replayed the clip over 100 times at this point. I. CAN'T. STOP. WATCHING.

There was also footage from multiple angles to give fans a 360-degree viewing experience. LOL.

But just when things were finally starting to blow over for him, Justin Bieber falls again. IT'S TRUE. I'M NOT JOKING.

Last night, Bieber was performing "Sorry" in Jacksonville, Florida when he suddenly slipped and fell.

He was trying to be all cute and kick water at one of his dancers when BAM, the kid went down.

You can watch Justin Bieber fall AGAIN in the clip below. LOLOL, I'm sorry for laughing, but I'm also not sorry at all.

Look at his little dancers trying to help him up. I can't, this is too much.

Is it too late to say sorry for laughing at you, Justin?

Maybe you should invest in somknee padsds or something. We don't want you getting hurt up there.

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