So, Justin Bieber Almost Went To Jail After His Viral Fist Fight

It seems like Justin Bieber's back at it again with the troublemaking.

According to TMZ, Bieber narrowly escaped serving jail time after engaging in the viral fist fight that went down during the NBA Finals in Cleveland.

Allow me to refresh your memory:

Prior to the fight in Cleveland, Justin Bieber had been on probation for egging his neighbor's house. That is, until Justin's lawyer, Shawn Holley, waltzed into court on June 9 at 8:30am and convinced a judge to end the star's probation for the egging crime. The probation conditions were simple: If Bieber broke any laws, the judge could throw him in jail faster than you can ask "What do you mean?" 

Approximately 10 hours before the probation hearing, Bieber engaged in a fight with some dude (who was way bigger than the Biebs) over an autograph. Let's just say he could've EASILY landed in jail for triggering a probation violation as a result of the fight.

TMZ reports,

We've learned the court hearing was not scheduled in advance. Holley and the DA just walked into court and asked the judge to end Bieber's probation a month early. It sure looks like Holley did Yeoman's work and beat the news before it spread. Our sources say, however, that Holley and the DA had actually talked amongst themselves days before about going to court and they say it's just coincidence.

Sure, this seems like the work of a really good, proactive attorney, but it could just be a major coincidence that Bieber was just a couple of hours away from ruining his life. Either way, Justin just got off pretty clean. I guess that explains why he's been riding jet-propelled surfboards in Dubai all week!

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