Jordan Rodgers Matched With A Girl On Tinder After Proposing To JoJo Fletcher


Man, Jordan Rodgers is in some serious hot water right now.

The former football quarterback has several allegations against him after winning "The Bachelorette" and proposing to JoJo Fletcher.

First, Jordan's ex came forward and accused the 27-year-old of cheating on her during their three-and-a-half year relationship. She even had the receipts to prove it. 

But now, Jordan is being accused of using dating apps while competing for JoJo's heart on the reality TV show.


A source told In Touch Weekly Jordan's Tinder account is still active and he matched with a user on July 10, after he was already engaged.

According to In Touch, 22-year-old Nicole Andersson from LA swiped right on "The Bachelorette" winner and the two became a match.

Andersson told the magazine,

It's super shady. He shouldn't be on there if he's really serious about JoJo.

Nooooooo, Jordan, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? The star has also been spotted on the dating app Raya, but has denied those claims.

An insider also told In Touch JoJo's friends and families want her to be done with her engagement. The source shared,

They don't want to see her get hurt or embarrassed any more than she already is.

Ouch. Poor JoJo! She just wanted to find her unicorn.

I was really rooting for this relationship, but perhaps this drama is a sign Luke Pell should have been the winner... just sayin'.


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