Jon Snow Finally Does The One Thing 'GOT' Fans Have Been Waiting For, Kind Of

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6. One of the more startling moments in this week's episode, "Beyond The Wall," came early on, when Jon and Tormund had a bit of a heart-to-heart about the "Dragon Queen." Jon admits he hasn't done what she wanted, and bent the knee to her. Tormund then says something stunning: that he should do so. Between that and Dany's rescue of the team, the King In The North seems to have reconsidered. When he wakes up, Jon bends the knee to Dany — at least symbolically.

Tormund's point about Mance Rayder was a good one, we should note, and one that Jon himself argued back in Season 5: bend the knee, so your people won't die. But Mance was too proud, and thousands suffered for his pride, and the Night King's army grew three sizes for his failures. Jon Snow may have absorbed the wildling pride of never kneeling, but as a wise man once told Bruce Willis, that's pride just f**kin' with ya. There are too many people dependent on Jon for him to insist on pride.

And besides, Dany -- excuse me -- Daenerys had just done something unthinkable. She had sacrificed one of her own children to save his people. She is a true queen, and one worthy of his respect.


The irony of course is that Jon Snow has chosen to kneel... at precisely the moment his body isn't actually capable of kneeling. (Also, I'm rather convinced he might be naked under those furs.) But he never was very good at timing.


Despite Jon's inability to actually bend the knee, vocally proclaiming he does is more than enough, and the timing couldn't be better. The Hound has been sent on ahead with the live wight to King's Landing, and the ship they're on is clearly heading there right behind him, with a quick pit stop to pick up Tyrion on the way. This means that Dany, Mother of Dragons, and Jon Snow, King In The North, will show up to face Cersei, Self Proclaimed Queen of the Andals, as a united front.


And are they ever a united front. Dany is utterly bereft having lost one of her children. This means war, and as we know, Dany doesn't screw around when war is on the table.

The Night King doesn't know who he just messed with.