This Daenerys And Jon Snow 'GOT' Theory Is Low-Key Hilarious & Makes Total Sense


It's only been two episodes since Daenerys Targaryen met Jon Snow, Real Westerosi Hero. And yet, by the middle of this week's episode, Davos and Missandei were giving their respective leaders knowing looks. Davos even tried asking Jon about the Mother of Dragons after she'd safely taken off to war, and couldn't accidentally walk up in the middle of the conversation. But what chances do they have? Or is this another case of a relationship that only works when Jon in a cave? A new theory has been born: the Jon Snow and Dany cave theory.

It sounds funny, but this isn't the first time Jon's found himself deeply attracted to someone where a public relationship would have issues. Back in Season 2, he met cute with another woman with a fiery disposition, Ygritte, and their relationship was just as fraught and star crossed as anything he might find himself striking up with Dany.

He was a man of the Night's Watch, and she was a wildling. He couldn't take her to wife, and he wouldn't abandon his vows. She loved him to the point that she couldn't kill him, even though he betrayed her. As she said to him as she died: "You remember that cave? We should have stayed in that cave."

This week, Jon Snow found himself in another cave, alone with another woman who, publicly, he is at odds with. Their first meeting in her throne room, they butted heads, and she demanded fealty he wasn't interested in swearing, while he treated her fight for her birthright as unimportant.

But this week, Jon brought Dany into a cave, and the two of them not only found common ground, they seemed to form a bond. Dany allowed herself to show a love of history and an awe of the past we've never seen before. And Jon got to show her discoveries in her own backyard she never knew were there. As more than one reviewer noted, it was a great first date.

But can Dany and Jon have a relationship that survives outside the cave? Already, when they were back on the beach, Dany was haughtily demanding Jon Snow tell her why she shouldn't burn King's Landing and the Red Keep to a lump of melted stone work. And Jon Snow was answering bluntly, and in language Ned Stark would certainly never use in front of a lady.

But it's hard not to notice the two of them are attracted to each other. Besides, Jon Snow already had a woman who was kissed by fire. Imagine how he'd react to one who was made of it.

Fans around the internet are rooting for "Jonaerys" to work, with a dream of the last living Targaryens to find some happiness together before the Night King blasts through the Wall and comes to kill everyone. But they may be in for disappointment, unless somehow the two of them can find a way to stay in their own cave.