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John Showed Support After Chrissy Apologized For Her History Of Cyber-Bullying

One thing never changes: John's love for Chrissy.

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Chrissy Teigen has been in piping hot water lately. The 35-year-old model and cookbook author went on (yet another) social media hiatus in the wake of her past bullying tweets resurfacing — particularly those in which she cyber-harassed then-16-year-old Courtney Stodden, a reality TV star best known from Couples Therapy and Celebrity Big Brother. Since apologizing in May 2021, Teigen also published an apology letter on Medium on June 15. Today, John Legend showed support after Chrissy Teigen apologized for her history of cyber-bullying.

In both her apology tweets and Medium essay, Teigen — who was loved online for her snarky witticisms — told her supporters how “awful, awful” her past tweets were and acknowledged she deserved to be held accountable for her actions. She also confessed Stodden was not the only person she cyber-bullied. (Teigen didn’t say exactly who she harassed, but other celebs who claim to have been targeted by Teigen include Project Runway’s Michael Costello and Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham.)

“I thought it made me cool and relatable if I poked fun at celebrities,” she explained in her essay. “Now, confronted with some of the things that I said, I cringe to my core. I’ll honestly get sharp, stabbing pains in my body, randomly remembering my asshole past, and I deserve it.”

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Teigen seems to have thought long and hard about her mistakes, a move that her husband of eight years, John Legend, visibly supports. In a Twitter response to his wife’s Medium piece, he quoted a line from the essay: “We are all more than our worst moments,” followed by four red heart emojis.

Legend’s response is succinct, but it’s clear he has Chrissy’s back.