Joe Jonas opened up about his solo album Fastlife 10 years after its release.

Joe Jonas Got Real About The "Disappointment" He Felt After Going Solo

Fastlife is now one of his favorite projects.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Joe Jonas may be best known as a member of the Jonas Brothers, but his musical accomplishments don’t end there. He’s also been a member of the double platinum band DNCE, and has an entire album dedicated to his solo music. What fans don’t know, is that Jonas is his own biggest critic, and on the 10th anniversary of his solo record, he revealed just how tough on himself he can be. Joe Jonas' quotes about his Fastlife solo album revealed the emotional rollercoaster surrounding the release of the 2011 record.

The Jonas Brothers have had an amazing 2021, especially after the release of their album Remember This in June. But that doesn’t mean Joe can’t reflect on the past at the same time. On Oct. 11, the singer took to Instagram to celebrate the anniversary of his first (and only) solo album.

“My solo album Fastlife turns 10 years old today!!” Joe captioned a post featuring the album cover. “If I’m being honest, my feeling around this release used to be disappointment. Up until this moment, I had released big records with my brothers back-to-back and stepping out on my own was very scary. At the time, I was upset that it didn’t perform how I had anticipated, but I didn’t realize this would actually turn out to be one of my favorite memories of my life.”

Joe explained that his album was beneficial to him on multiple levels. “Fastlife pushed me to focus and work on my mental health in a way I’d never had to before,” he said.

Joe went on to explain that Fastlife pushed him to focus less on commercial success, and more on his artistic vision. He added, “This album made me realize that it’s not about how many people listen to your music or how many albums you sell… you have to do it because you have the ability to CREATE and for your love of the music!!”

Joe’s reflective post proved he’s the king of turning lemons into lemonade. Even if an album isn’t raking in big numbers, that doesn’t make the music any less special.