JLo And Jimmy Fallon's Skit About Parents Joining Snapchat Is So Accurate

When I think about parents being on Snapchat, I only have one word: ew.

If I thought about my mom and dad sending out ugly selfies to their closest friends or, worse, EACH OTHER, I'd flip the f*ck out. That concept is too weird to think about.

I know Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez feel me on this. As part of an episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Jimmy showed a clip from his parody show "Ew!" and it stars Sara and her friend Gabby.

Jimmy, as Sara, and JLo, as Gabby, are just two teen girls gossiping and showing off their talents. Gabby has a confession, though. Her dad just joined Snapchat. YUCK.

Even worse, he friended her. EVEN WORSE, his username is SnapDaddy123.

Can you say,


Check out the video above to see the full skit. I promise you'll laugh your ass off.

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