Izzy Goodkind Opens Up About Nick Viall

On January 2, the new season of "The Bachelor" will grace screens across the nation and we will all be subjected to another two months of suspenseful, emotional, raw, televised journeys to find love. (God bless America!)

Nick Viall, two-time "Bachelorette" runner-up and "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant, was named the next "Bachelor" this summer, and plenty of fans were less than thrilled.


Nick, whose story will make you feel better about all the people who are getting engaged on your Facebook timeline, is the ultimate "always the bridesmaid, never the bride," and his season will undoubtedly be a strange roller coaster of emotion that will pair nicely with three large glasses of Cabernet.

Nick spent the majority of his time on the third season of "Bachelor in Paradise" with Jen Saviano before breaking up with her on the final episode.

Fans of the show and other contestants were disappointed by the sudden end to their seemingly perfect (less than 20-days-long) relationship.

Elite Daily had the chance to sit down with fellow "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant Izzy Goodkind to hear what she thinks about Nick having his fourth shot at love.

When asked what she thinks about Nick being chosen, Izzy said,

I'm really unsure about it. He deserves love just like everyone else does, it's his fourth time and if it doesn't work out for him this time, I'm not sure what he's going to do. I think him and Jen had a really great relationship on 'Paradise' and I was sad to see that end, especially in the way that it did. For him to be announced as 'Bachelor' [made me] really, really upset for her, but she's doing great now and that's all that matters. 

We also asked Izzy who her ideal "Bachelor" contestant would be. She revealed,

I really was having high hopes for Chase or Luke. I don't know either of them very well, but I think that both of them, especially Luke, an all-American guy, was really looking for love and I don't think he was in it for any of the spotlight or the fame. I'm not saying Nick is, but from what I've read and heard all the contestants on his season are models singers, actresses, all these people who could be possibly be looking for the spotlight. So, I was hoping for Luke. 

Tune in for season 21 of the "Bachelor" on January 2 because Nick's fourth attempt at finding love will make you feel much better about yourself if you end up kissing a bottle of vodka on New Year's Eve.