Nate's redemption arc in 'Ted Lasso' Season 3 has fans split.

Ted Lasso Is Trying To Give Nate A Redemption Arc, But Not Everyone’s On Board

He may have become too big of a villain to save...

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Ted Lasso is the ultimate feel-good show, except for when it’s not. Things took a sharp turn away from inspiring speeches and heartwarming friendships in Season 2’s finale, when the once loyal and lovable assistant coach Nate coldly turned on Ted and the team. The betrayal set up a villainous arc for Nate in Season 3, so fans were surprised when the new season took another left turn in trying to redeem the turncoat. Some Ted Lasso fans are totally here for Nate’s redemption arc, while others are just not ready to forgive him. And the split in the fandom is very clear.

Spoiler alert: This post contains details from Ted Lasso Season 3, Episode 7. The new season’s more sympathetic approach to Nate’s new position as West Ham’s coach was only hinted at in the first few episodes, which showed his private moments of self-hatred and remorse in the wake of his decision to backstab Ted. Then, halfway through the season, his redemption arc was hard-launched via a love story with the hostess at his favorite Greek restaurant. Initially, Jade was repulsed by Nate’s inflated ego, but after seeing him get ditched by a date, she threw out an olive branch.

As Nate worked up the courage to finally quiet his self-hate and ask Jade out, it became clear the direction Ted Lasso was going with the character. Some fans celebrated getting to see the sweet Nate they loved in Season 1 make a comeback.

But for other viewers, the attempt at redemption came way too soon. Nate’s betrayal, and specifically his callous decision to talk to the press about Ted’s panic attacks, still feel to fresh in the minds of some fans, and many aren’t ready to forgive him and move on to his little rom-com arc yet.

Additionally, the anti-Nate crew just doesn’t feel invested in his sudden fling with Jade at all. Some even find his pursuit of Jade creepy, and are actively rooting against their love story.

A cursory glance at social media reveals that Ted Lasso fans are split down the middle when it comes to opinions on Nate in Season 3. Find out if he goes out as a redeemed hero or an even bigger villain than before as new episodes drop Wednesdays on Apple TV+.