'Emily in Paris' Season 3 featured the McBaguette, a real menu item in French McDonald's.

Yes, That Fancy McDonald's Snack From Emily In Paris Is Actually Real

Does anyone else kinda want to try one?


Emily in Paris kicked off Season 3 with a surprising rebrand. Normally, Emily and her marketing colleagues deal in high-end fashions and luxury brands, so their newest project was a total 180: McDonald’s. Yep — tthe greasy drive-thru Americans love to frequent for cheap fries and burgers. Except in France, the chain has a totally different reputation, and a some exclusive menu items. One of these foreign treats that was heavily featured in Emily’s story is the McBaguette. While that name may sound fake, the McDonald’s McBaguette wasn’t made up in the Emily in Paris writers’ room. It’s actually real, but if you’re American, you’ll need a passport to try one for yourself.

The third season of Emily in Paris presented Emily with her most globally recognized client yet, but it also happened to be a brand furthest from her wheelhouse. Her ex, Doug, (Remember him from the series premiere?) hooked her up with a chance to handle the launch of the McBaguette in France. The campaign felt a bit off-center at first, until Gabriel showed Emily the unexpected glamour of McDonald’s in France. Like any American would be, Emily was blown away by the chain’s clean, sleek design, also marveling at the decadent display of macarons, cheesecake, and other pastries. Sure enough, French McDonald’s do feature a full McCafé that you’d never see in their American counterparts.

And the McBaguette is also real, which Julien will be glad to know, since he really seemed to enjoy the snack during Emily’s pitch.


You can basically think of the McBaguette as two McDonald’s hamburgers, except their buns are replaced by a baguette. Some stores also offer McBaguettes with chicken patties instead of hamburger.


As many foodies know, McDonald’s has international menus that feature certain items based on location. The McBaguette was first launched in French restaurants in 2012, and has come and gone as a limited-time item in the years sense. It most recently returned to menus in 2021, but is not available at the time of Emily in Paris’ Season 3 premiere. Maybe the show hyping up the sandwich will be enough to bring it back soon, though.