Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Owen Wilson as Agent Mobius discussing the variant in 'Loki'

Here's Why Loki Fans Are Convinced They Know Who The Mystery Woman Is

Let's talk about Sylvie.

by Ani Bundel
Marvel Studios

Marvel's latest new Disney+ series, Loki, has already introduced more unique concepts to the MCU in two episodes than either WandaVision or The Falcon and the Winter Soldier did in the same length of time. From Miss Minutes' rundown of the sacred timeline to the Time-Keepers and the multiverses, there's more to unpack in a five-minute segment of Loki than most shows cover in a season. But fans think the series is hiding more secrets than just the ultimate Nexus event. After the big twist in the second episode, audiences are wondering: Is Enchantress in Loki? Let's discuss the magic involved.

Warning: Spoilers for Loki Season 1, Episode 2 follow. The premiere episode revealed that Agent Mobius hired Loki in hopes of tracking down... Loki. As viewers (and Loki) learned, variant Lokis are as common as mud; every Hunter has tracked down their share of wayward trickster gods. But this one is different. Unlike every other Loki — which, fans will note, were always the male version of him — this one has eluded the Minutemen and killed hunters and TVA agents willy nilly.

That may be because, as fans discovered at the end of Episode 2, this Loki isn’t like the others. She is a woman, and her plan to shatter the sacred timeline went off without a hitch.

But fans have questions about this new variant, who the show notably has only referred to as such. The immediate assumption is this is Lady Loki, a figure from the comics. But, like Loki himself has discovered, the devil is in the paperwork details.

As fans will note in the above screengrab from Episode 2, the name of the new variant isn’t “Loki Laufeyson.” (That’s the official full name of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of the character.) It’s Sylvie Laufeydottir.

Some fans have already started speculating that this means this person isn’t an actual variant of Loki, but something closer to kin, a daughter perhaps. On the one hand, that would make a lot of sense. Loki has always been defined by his sense of being a misfit adopted by Odin. His character development throughout the MCU films has hinged on the death of his parents, and the opening episode of Loki hit that theme multiple times. Since he’s also lost Thor, a daughter popping out of the woodwork (or the timestream) would make sense.

But that’s where the last name comes in. The Icelandic tradition isn’t to have family last names but to use the suffix of “-son” or “-dottir” depending on the child’s assigned gender at birth plus the father’s first name. Loki’s last name is Laufeyson because he is the abandoned son of the frost giant Laufey; Thor is Odinson and Loki is Odinson by adoption. Going by this logic, Laufeydottir implies the variant either really is a female version of Loki, or perhaps a sibling. (If this Sylvie were Loki’s daughter, her name would be Lokidottir.) Perhaps she's a play on Lady Loki's comics origins, reincarnated into a body meant for Sif.

Marvel Studios

But she could be someone else entirely. The name Sylvie suggests a direct reference to Sylvie Lushton. In the comics, Sylvie is an “average blonde teenager from Oklahoma” who Loki empowers. After a bit of research, Lushton decides to model herself after the Asgardian Amora, aka Enchantress.

So, is this Loki variant mislabeled by the TVA? Is she actually Enchantress? (Her magic glows the right shade of green!) There's a lot of evidence that would suggest this is an Enchantress variant, perhaps one taking Loki's last name as a taunt, or because she views him as her spiritual father. Both WandaVision and Falcon introduced teenage characters who, in the comics, go on to team up in the Young Avengers. Enchantress is another superhero from that team-up.

With Loki now stalking after this variant, fans won't have to wait long to learn who she is.

Loki continues with new episodes on Wednesdays on Disney+.