Josh Peck's character Drew may be the father on 'How I Met Your Father.'

Here's Why Everyone Thinks Josh Peck's Character Is The Father In HIMYF

Episode 3's twist is a game-changer.


The How I Met Your Father premiere seemed to give viewers all the possible candidates for being the mysterious father... but it turns out, there’s one more, and he has a very familiar face. Josh Peck made his first appearance on the HIMYM reboot in Episode 3, introducing fans to Drew, the charming vice principal at the school where Jesse teaches music. At first, it doesn’t seem possible that Drew could end up being the mysterious father, but an important moment at the end of the episode changed everything. So, is Drew the father on How I Met Your Father? The chances that it’s him just went way up.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from How I Met Your Father Episode 3, “The Fixer.” Viewers first met Drew outside of Jesse’s school when he caught Sophie taking photos of Jesse for his Tinder profile. Sophie and Drew were immediately flirty, but Sophie initially blew him off after having such a long string of failed dates. But finally, Jesse convinced her to keep putting herself out there, and she called Drew to set up a date at the end of the episode.

That’s cute an all, but the real question here is if Drew is going to wind up being Sophie’s soulmate. At first, it seems impossible for Drew to be the show’s eponymous father. In the series premiere, the older Sophie confirmed she met her son’s father on the night of Sid and Hannah’s engagement — the night she met Jesse, Sid, Ian, and Charlie. Since Drew didn’t appear in that episode, it means he’s instantly out of the running, right?

Not exactly. During their phone call in Episode 3, Drew remembered that he actually did meet Sophie that night. In a flashback to the engagement party, viewers saw Drew lend Sophie a phone charger in Pemberton’s on that fateful night.


The flashback puts Drew in the very tight race for becoming the father of Sophie’s son. Since he’s really only up against four other guys whom Sophie met that night — and Sophie hasn’t shown any romantic interest in two of them — Drew’s odds are actually really good. Then again, the flashback to a previously unseen interaction also opens the door for the show to continually reveal new men Sophie met that night who weren’t seen in the series premiere. So... it’s still a little up in the air, but at least you know not to count Drew out.

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