Hunter Parr from 'The Ultimatum' on Netflix

Hunter From The Ultimatum Has Hints About His Relationship With Alexis On His IG

Looks like things are going well for them.


It seems like there are two main goals to The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, Netflix’s newest reality dating “experiment.” The first is for couples to find their way to an engagement. The second is to create as much chaos as possible by having the couples break up and date other people before they decide whether or not to get engaged. Hunter Parr achieved one of those goals during his time on The Ultimatum, so he can consider his time on the show at least a partial success.

Hunter entered the show with his girlfriend Alexis Maloney, who issued the titular ultimatum to him. They spent one week getting to know the other cast members and exploring whether or not they could see themselves entering trial relationships with any of them. After that week was up and it was time to choose new partners, though, Hunter decided to cut right to the chase and propose to Alexis, without going through the rest of the experiment.

“I made the decision the night prior,” Hunter told Us Weekly. “During the mixer that we had the night before was the first time I actually got to see Alexis and interact with her one-on-ones since starting the show. And that really helped sort of solidify a lot of the feelings that I was having around, ‘Hey, do I want to propose or do I not? What is it like for me dating all of these people then coming back and being with Alexis?’”

Even though Hunter didn’t date other people on The Ultimatum, he still used the show and the prospect of being with other women to help him make his decision to leave the show early, engaged to Alexis. Here’s everything to know about Hunter.

Hunter Parr’s Real Job

According to his LinkedIn profile, Hunter graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2015 with a degree in chemistry. He took that degree and went on to work in research and development at a few different companies before settling in at Oracle, an IT services and IT consulting firm. He’s worked for the Austin-based company since 2017.

Hunter Parr’s Social Media

Hunter is on Instagram @papa_parr. He doesn’t post a ton, but most recently he’s been promoting this season of The Ultimatum on his grid. He also shows off his adventures dirt-biking, boxing, and skiing, so it’s clear he keeps pretty active.

He also has a lot of photos of Alexis on his Instagram, which seems like it could be a good sign for their relationship. Here’s hoping Hunter and Alexis’ engagement is just as picture-perfect in real life.

The Ultimatum is streaming on Netflix now.