A little over a week after releasing his Netflix special 'Inside,' Bo Burnham announced the original...

Bo Burnham Is Releasing All His Inside Songs On Spotify, Thank Goodness

"Can I interest you in all these songs, all of the time?"


At the end of May, Bo Burnham surprised everyone by releasing an unexpected comedy special filmed throughout the coronavirus pandemic. A departure from his previous specials, Inside took a notably darker tone, as an isolated Burnham grappled with the struggles of spending a year in quarantine. But throughout the Netflix release, Burnham remained true to his musical comedy stylings, performing a ton of new original songs that instantly had viewers hooked. After a week of fan demands for an official album, Bo Burnham announced his Inside album will be available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music on Thursday, June 10.

Shortly after Inside’s Netflix release on May 30, it was clear the chaotic, introspective hour and a half was a huge hit. Although Netflix is infamously withholding of its viewership numbers, reactions to the special took over Twitter, as fans celebrated the balance of over-the-top zaniness with the unexpectedly painful relatability of struggling with quarantine life. A lot of the tweets were specifically calls for Burnham to release an official album of the songs from Inside. From the adrenaline-pumping mania of “Welcome to the Internet” to the acoustic delicacy of “Funny Feeling,” there’s no denying the special was packed with bangers, and Burnham finally gave the fans what they wanted a little over a week after Inside dropped.

Inside (the songs) is out as an album on Thursday,” Burnham tweeted on Tuesday, June 8. “Sorry for the delay.” The comedian provided a link to all the streaming services that will carry Inside (The Songs) on Thursday, June 10, which includes Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Deezer.

Inside (The Songs) will be Burnham’s fourth album, and his third album of original music that he first premiered in an eponymous comedy special. His self-titled 2009 debut album consisted largely of songs from his popular YouTube channel. He followed that up with 2010’s Words Words Words and 2013’s what.

If you’re one of the many people who’s been jamming out to Inside ever since it dropped, you can finally add “White Woman’s Instagram” and “Sexting” to your Spotify playlists. Or, you know, you could listen to “Possible Ending Song” on repeat and cry — whichever vibe you’re going for!