Bo Burnham's 2021 Netflix special 'Inside' captured the dark feelings of quarantine.

Bo Burnham's New Special Stunned Fans By Embracing Quarantine Depression

Wait, am I laughing or crying rn?


Over a year after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Bo Burnham is putting his own comedic spin on the weird reality that was lockdown. On Sunday, May 30, the comedian’s musical special Inside dropped on Netflix — and fans are applauding the one-man show for reasons you might not expect. While his latest work is not the typical feel-good comedy fans have come to know him for, these tweets about Bo Burnham's Inside are praising the comedian for hitting the darker feelings of quarantine on the head.

Inside, the one-man show which Burnham wrote, directed, edited, and starred in, was shot at the YouTuber’s home in Los Angeles throughout 2020. While it was billed as a comedy, some viewers noted that the special also toed the line of tragedy by portraying the uncomfortable (and very relatable) reality of being homebound. Filmed during the course of several months, Burnham became increasingly more physical disheveled as the film progressed — and increasingly more frustrated with his confines. Viewers got a very interesting and immersive look at where the comedian’s head was at during his time in lockdown, as Burnham alternated social commentary about Jeff Bezos, sexting, and Instagram with random song snippets and an almost documentary-style of filming. It might not have been the comedy viewers were expecting, but it resonated after a year where many were living out a similar reality at home.

Following the special’s May 30 release, fans were quick to take to social media to applaud the film for its honesty and for not romanticizing the loneliness and struggles of quarantine. Many noted that it perfectly captured all the strangeness of being housebound during a global pandemic.

With its honest, immersive approach, many viewers also noted that the film made them relive all the highs (and numerous lows) of quarantine and gave them feelings they weren’t quite prepared for.

In true Burnham style, Inside was a comedy with a musical twist. During the film, Burnham interwove his political commentary and monologues with random tunes — and viewers took to Twitter to applaud the special’s creative soundtrack.

Burnham’s Inside is currently available to watch on Netflix, so you should make a point of viewing it if you want to join in on the cathartic experience of reliving the 2020 lockdown. Just keep in mind that, judging from all the reviews, you’ll want to mentally prepare yourself for getting in your feels.