USDish will pay one contestant $2k to watch 40 hours of popular fantasy television shows

This Dream Job For Fantasy TV Fans Will Pay You $2K To Watch Game Of Thrones

You're gunna rewatch GoT anyway; why not get paid for it?


If you’re ready to start a Game of Thrones rewatch before diving into the new prequel, House of the Dragon, USDish is offering to pay you for your next TV-watching marathon. With dozens of fantasy television shows on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is worth hours of dedication. USDish is looking for fans who are passionate about fantasy television and interested in crowning the best of the best in exchange for cash, and it’s the perfect job for anyone obsessed with dragons, monsters, and magical realms. Here’s how to apply for USDish’s fantasy TV watcher job to get paid to watch the shows you love.

When it comes to modern high-fantasy television, there are four hit shows that just cannot be ignored. Since its 2011 debut, Game of Thrones was chart-topping and record-breaking, but its ending was... not worth the 8 years of build-up for many fans. The Witcher stole the show on Netflix in 2019 and proved to be just as addictive as its fantasy competitors. Any Lord of the Rings spin-off is a guaranteed hit among fans of the wildly popular series, so The Rings of Power is a perfect fit for the best fantasy show. And you can’t forget the new GoT prequel House of the Dragon, which is serving up even more Westerosi lore with tons of drama.

Decision-making can be hard if you don’t have all of the facts, so USDish is offering a cash prize for a 40-hour marathon of these four fantasy hits with $2,000 up for grabs.


The fine print explains that the viewer is tasked with consuming 40 hours of television over the span of 30 days. The TV shows can be watched in any order, though it’s likely best to start with Game of Thrones given the second part of the assignment. Once the 40 hours are up, the viewer is required to re-write the Game of Thrones ending in their vision. The final season of Game of Thrones has been widely criticized for the lack of plot consistency and half-baked character development, so this is the perfect task for any Thrones superfan.

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Along with Game of Thrones, the USDish position also requires the viewer to also watch The Witcher, House of the Dragon, and Rings of Power to determine who is better: elves, witchers, or dragons. Following the 40-hour marathon, the selected viewers must give summaries on House of the Dragon and Rings of Power via vlog. The goal of the position is to determine what components make the best fantasy show.

Applicants must apply on the USDish website before Oct. 21.