Proof That Drake Is Always On Beat With His 'Hotline Bling' Dance Moves


By now, you've probably seen Drake's truly remarkable dance moves in his new video for "Hotline Bling."

His side shuffle has been compared to a drunk mother dancing, a drunk grandmother dancing, everyone's drunk uncle at a wedding and innumerable other types of intoxicated dancing.

Yeah, his moves may not be smooth, but so what? Drake does have one great thing going for him in this video: Like Beyoncé, he is always on beat.

The new Twitter account, @DrakeDancing, is proof that no matter what song you put on, Drake will always find the beat. Check out a few of the recent videos proving this hypothesis:

Drake dancing to the "Charlie Brown" theme song:

Drake dancing to the "Rugrats" theme song:

Drake dancing to Justin Bieber:

Drake dancing to the "Frasier" theme song:

Drake in a chunky turtleneck really can do no wrong.