Halsey Thought Justin Bieber Might Kiss Her During 'Today' Performance

by Anna Menta
Getty Images

Hey, so we all saw that super cute video of Justin Bieber and Halsey performing together on the "Today" show back in November, right?

No? That's not a thing everyone in the world has seen? Man, it's like you people don't even remember everything Justin Bieber did four months ago! Well, go watch that right now so you can keep up with this article, dummy!

A quick recap: In November 2015, Halsey and J Biebs performed "The Feeling" live on "Today," and it was very sensual and touching. Like, literally, there was a lot of touching. There was also ample caressing and much soulful gazing.

Now, in her new cover story with Billboard, Halsey revealed, yeah, they were both getting so swept up in the heat of it all, she really thought Biebs might plant his lips on hers at one point. And, apparently, she was not so happy about it.

She told Billboard,

It was a f*cking trainwreck. You don't know fear until it's 7 am and freezing cold on live television and you're not sure if Justin Bieber is going to kiss you or not.

To this, I say, "Hahahahahaha, BURN."

Also, I feel for you Halsey. I really do. I'm so sorry you had to live in those terrible moments of uncertainty, not knowing if you would feel Bieber's mouth on yours on live TV. That sounds like hell.

Other cool tidbits from the Billboard story include Halsey's political views (she supports Bernie Sanders) and her love of Kanye West.

Well, Halsey, I'm happy you escaped the Bieber lips... this time.

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