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Justin Bieber And Halsey Had So Much Chemistry While Performing Together (Video)

Judge Justin Bieber all you want, but at least admit you want to caress his soft face as he sings his new album in its entirety while gazing into your eyes. Just admit it. Set yourself free, and admit it.

Singer Halsey admitted it and, on Wednesday's episode of "TODAY," lived the dream when she performed "The Feeling" live with the Biebs.

The pair hugged, touched, stared passionately at each other and generally paraded their crazy chemistry around the plaza for screaming fans.

"I love you."

"No, I love you."

"No, like, I freaking LOVE you."

"No, I know. I FAH-REAKING LOVE you more."



"We shall hang this collage of sexy pics above the mantle in our shared home."

Check out the duo's full performance below to witness the electricity between the singers and cry as you woefully contemplate your own spark-less existence.