Hailey Bieber, who competed with Emma Chamberlain in a tiny hands competition.

Hailey Bieber And Emma Chamberlain Competing With Tiny Hands Is Kind Of Iconic

Why is Emma so good at this?

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Hailey Bieber’s YouTube channel is everything, y’all. From skincare routines and style challenges to cooking videos and behind-the-scenes moments, her page has it all. In her latest video, she invited YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain to participate in a game night. The two competed in the “Anything But Your Hands” challenge, which is exactly what it sounds like: Players attempt everyday tasks with anything but their hands. You need to watch Hailey Bieber and Emma Chamberlain compete with tiny hands because as you may have expected, things got chaotic.

“That’s perfect because I have a broken nail. It’s like you knew,” Chamberlain said when she heard what game they were about to play. “You might kick my ass right now.” Bieber was definitely up for the challenge, replying, “We shall see.”

The model revealed they would be using tongs, doll hands, and mittens to try and do everyday tasks. For the first challenge, Bieber and Chamberlain used doll hands to get a ping pong ball into a cup. The cup was right in front of them, so you’d think it’d be easy, but it turned out to be the opposite. “This is hard. I didn’t think I was competitive, but I’m feeling very competitive right now,” Chamberlain said. Somehow, the YouTuber was able to score a point, which caused Bieber to hit her cup off the table in defeat.

Things only got better from there. For the second challenge, the two had to use their doll hands to pour water into a cup and drink it. They ended up using their teeth to open the bottle caps, and then their doll hands to twist the bottle. The method proved to be successful, but then Bieber accidentally spilled her water bottle, causing a huge mess. “I knew it! I was like, ‘Who’s gonna do it first?’” Chamberlain laughed. In the end, Chamberlain scored again.

For their third challenge, Chamberlain and Bieber had to use their doll hands to scan three items on a kid’s play register and then scan a credit card. Bieber accidentally dropped hers, which made Chamberlain the winner again.

To see how the rest of their challenge went down, check out the video of Bieber and Chamberlain competing with tiny hands below.

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