One of 'Gossip Girl's wildest twists was Grace and Jake's twincest reveal in Season 2.

Gossip Girl Went Full Game Of Thrones With A Twincest Storyline

I did not have this on my bingo card.


Spoiler alert: This post discusses plot details from Gossip Girl Season 2, Episode 4. Just when you thought Gossip Girl had tackled every last taboo there was: boom, twincest. Yep, GG went there. Midway through its second season, the scandalous teen drama revealed its dirtiest secret yet, and nobody saw it coming. Here’s why Grace and Jack’s twincest twist on Gossip Girl is truly the gag of the season.

Grace may have seemed nice enough when she was first introduced as Obie’s new girlfriend at the end of Season 1, but there was always something off about her. Like, how can the daughter of an ultra-conservative senator be so blasé about her mom’s backwards legislation? Well, she finally showed her true colors in Season 2, and those colors were much darker than anyone thought. The first red flag was when she was caught cheating on Obie, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. When Julien and Luna confronted Grace to expose her infidelity, they wound up revealing way more than they bargained for. As it turned out, Grace wasn’t only cheating on Obie with Matias, but she was also cheating on both of them with her own twin brother, Jake. In the words of Luna La: “Even I didn’t see that twincest coming.”


This might go down as one of the wildest Gossip Girl moments ever, and that’s saying something considering how off-the-walls this show can be. Not even Serena va der Woodsen hooking up with that teacher or Dan and Vanessa’s awkward threesome with Hilary Duff could come close to this forbidden fruit — even Max, Aki, And Audrey’s steamy throuple seems tame in comparison.

The incestuous revelation could also be Grace’s official exit from the show — as the elevator doors closed on her, it felt like a final goodbye to the serial cheater. After all, Obie is clearly not going to stay with her after all that. (Right? Right??)

Then again, Gossip Girl is a show all about revenge, so maybe Grace will return someday with a scheme to get back at Julien for exposing her taboo secret. But for now, she’ll go down as Gossip Girl’s latest victim. Xoxo.