This 'GOT' Season 8 Theory About Jaime Lannister Already Has Us Cheering


The Game of Thrones Season 7 finale is finally here, but as many epic payoff scenes as it gave fans, it left us with just as many big questions about what's going to happen next. Now, all eyes are on the upcoming Season 8, which will also be the last season ever of the show, to finally cap off these storylines we've been following so closely for years. In particular, what's going on with Jaime Lannister? Spoiler alert: Don't read on until you've finished the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale. At the end of the season, we see Jaime leave his sister's side for the first time and ride off alone. So where is Jaime going? Well, there's one interesting idea that could really change everything.

As a refresher, Jaime and Cersei have a heated argument before he leaves her. Cersei had just promised Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow that she would send her troops with them up north to help fight the White Walkers, but she later tells Jaime she was lying, and actually plans to attack Jon and Dany rather than help them. Having seen a wight for himself, Jaime is stunned that his sister would not see the importance in keeping her promise and making every effort to destroy the undead soldiers. But his pleas with her to keep her word are met on deaf ears, as Cersei even nearly orders The Mountain to kill him before Jaime finally just walks out of the castle.


In his last scene of Season 7, Jaime is riding off to an unknown location on a horse. Could he be heading up north to join Daenerys and Jon Snow? This seems to make the most sense, given the argument that caused him to leave Cersei. He's clearly upset with his sister for wanting to betray Jon and Dany, so he may offer up his help to try to make up for it. We also see snow falling in the scene when Jaime rides off, which is usually an indication a character is heading north.

This pivotal decision could mean Cersei has lost both brothers to her rival forces of Jon and Daenerys — Tyrion already serves as Dany's advisor. It could also set into motion one of the most anticipated events that fans are predicting will come next season: Cersei's death at Jaime's hand. A major prophecy in the Game of Thrones books revealed to Cersei she would be killed by the Valonqar, a High Valerian word for "little brother." Most fans assume that means Jaime since he was born shortly after his twin sister.

Whatever happens next season, it's clear there will be more discord in the Lannister house than ever before.