This ‘GOT’ Character Finally Returned & Twitter Is Blowing Up


It's been over three seasons since we last saw Gendry Baratheon rowing away, but everyone's favorite Baratheon bastard shocked fans by showing up again in the new episode of Game of ThronesSpoiler alert: This post will discuss the details of Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 "Eastwatch." In the new episode, Ser Davos returns to Flea Bottom in King's Landing to reconnect with Gendry, the last remaining Baratheon with a claim to the Iron Throne, whom he helped hide from the Lannisters in Season 3. Given he's such a fan favorite character, of course Twitter reacted to Gendry returning on Game of Thrones with tons of cheers and jokes.

Gendry's been working at his blacksmithing craft since Davos left him, and it looks like he also got a stylish new buzz cut!

But the new look isn't the only thing that has changed about him. Apparently, he can not only make weapons, but wield them pretty masterfully as well. As Davos took Gendry out of Flea Bottom to bring him to Jon Snow (by way of that same fateful little rowboat), he showed off his new combat skills by fighting off a couple Lannister soldiers with his huge Thor-like hammer. It looks like Gendry is going to come in a lot more handy than just making some weapons for Jon Snow and his army as they make their way up north.

But who cares about that, right? Here are the best reactions to Gendry's Game of Thrones return:


At the episode's end, Gendry has joined up with Snow on his expedition north of the Wall to capture a White Walker and bring it to Cersei Lannister in an attempt to convince her to join in their cause to fend the creatures off. Gendry seems really excited to be back in action, and I for one can't wait to see more of him!