Jordan Alexander and Whitney Peak in 'Gossip Girl.'

The Gossip Girl Mid-Season Finale Promo Hints At The Most Dramatic Episode Yet

It's all about the parents.


Gossip Girl may be all about Upper East Side teens, but they’re not the only ones with drama. Their parents are dealing with a lot too, and it’s about to spill over into their kids’ personal lives. Exhibit A: The Gossip Girl Episode 6 promo.

Warning: Spoilers for Gossip Girl Episode 5 follow. The Episode 6 preview opens with Audrey (Emily Alyn Lind) sitting at her mother’s hospital bedside, as Gossip Girl croons, “Family is anything but easy, and no one survives it alone.” Fans also get their first look at Obie’s mom (Lynn Renée) and Aki’s dad, who seems to be the subject of a protest Obie (Eli Brown) is attending. Meanwhile, Max (Thomas Doherty) is meeting with one of his newly single fathers, Roy (John Benjamin Hickey), who he recently discovered was cheating. To make matters worse, the promo shows Constance Billard St. Jude’s teacher Rafa (Jason Gotay) looking at Roy’s dating profile right after Max broke things off with him. Yikes!

“No one gets to choose their parents,” Gossip Girl continues. “They cheat, manipulate. They make mistakes. But don’t worry. You’ll pay for it later.” Cut to a series of intense clips: A police officer prepares to throw tear gas at protestors, Audrey pulls Max toward her and Aki during a candlelit dinner, an upset Zoya (Whitney Peak) storms away from Julien (Jordan Alexander), Max shoves Rafa, and Audrey lets out a huge scream. Something big must’ve caught Gossip Girl’s attention, too, because the promo ends with teachers Kate (Tavi Gevinson) and Jordan (Adam Chanler-Berat) gasping at their phones.

Of course, this is a Gossip Girl mid-season finale, so there’s even more happening than fans see in the preview. Here’s what else you can expect to see go down in the Aug. 12 episode, according to the official synopsis:

When Obie’s mother comes to town, Zoya begins to question his nature — and nurture. Julien’s decision to take her brand to the next level leads her down a path of self-discovery. Kate’s personal and professional lives collide at full force. Aki and Max come together to support Audrey.

Gossip Girl continues on Thursday, Aug. 12, on HBO Max.