Episode 2 of 'Gossip Girl' introduced the mystery of what happened at Zoya's old school.

Gossip Girl Introduced A Big Mystery About Zoya And It's Sure To Be Scandalous

What happened at her old school?

by Dylan Kickham
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Gossip Girl’s long-awaited return seemed to expose all the secrets among a new batch of Upper East Siders, but in the reboot’s second episode, viewers were hit with a big mystery that may not be solved quite as swiftly. As battle lines were drawn between Constance Billard newbie Zoya and reigning queen bee Julien, Gossip Girl managed to dig up a juicy secret... but didn’t reveal exactly what it was. Although it’s not like Gossip Girl to sit on a scandalous scoop, it sounds like the mystery of what happened at Zoya’s old school may remain an enigma for a while longer.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for Gossip Girl Season 1, Episode 2, “She’s Having a Maybe.” After the reboot’s premiere revealed the identity of the new Gossip Girl right off the bat, it kind of seemed up in the air whether fans would get a big new mystery to theorize about. But you should know better than to second-guess Gossip Girl when it comes to secrets. In the second episode, the new series had everyone asking the same question: What’s the deal with Zoya’s past?

Viewers really don’t know much about Zoya’s life before she and her dad moved to New York City, but it sounds like her past will come back to bite her soon enough. Julien’s half-sister moved from Buffalo to NYC in order to reconnect with her, but when the truth came out about Julien’s hand in Zoya’s scholarship and Zoya was spotted cozying up with Julien’s boyfriend Obie, the sisters became enemies. After Obie broke up with Julien, the queen bee enlisted Gossip Girl’s help to dig up some dirt on Zoya, and Kate came through with a video of something that went down at Zoya’s old school.

It seemed like the secret was about to be the next big revelation on GG’s Instagram account, but at the end of the episode, Julien and Gossip Girl mastermind Kate agreed to keep it hush-hush... at least for now.


All fans know is that Zoya said something bad happened at her old school, and it resulted in her being unable to go back there. It must have been really bad, because Julien was confident that revealing the info to Obie would cause him to instantly break up with Zoya.

However, Julien’s sudden change of heart at the end of the episode prevented fans from knowing what happened. Given how contentious Julien and Zoya’s relationship is, and how voracious Gossip Girl is for a juicy scoop, Zoya’s secret is sure to come out soon. And even though fans don’t know what it is yet, it’s bound to shake everything up on the Upper East Side.

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