Gisele Bündchen's Snapchats From Her Trip To Brazil Will Make You So Jealous


Surprise! When you're a famous fashion model, you get to take amazing vacations. I know, it's crazy money can buy things, right?

Brazilian fashion model Gisele Bündchen, 35, took full advantage of that model lifestyle recently.

She spent what I can only assume was an amazing day on the Amazon River in her home country of Brazil, and lucky for us poor common folk, she documented the whole thing on Snapchat.

Hooray for feeling bad about our plain, boring lives! I mean, what did you do today? Go to work? Maybe you went to a restaurant if you're fancy. LAME! Gisele was on a boat in the Amazon, bitch! Get on her level, people!

Gisele only joined Snapchat a day ago as she announced it on her Instagram on Tuesday. https://instagram.com/p/BGFCyaBntGz/embed/

The caption read,

Now on snapchat: giseleoficial Agora no snapchat: giseleoficial

And she's already putting the app to good use.

According to the Snapchats, Gisele spent the day on a boat on the river. I'm not entirely sure exactly what she's saying because she's speaking Portuguese, but again, it seems like she's having a good time.

Gisele's husband, NFL superstar Tom Brady, didn't seem to be around on the boat at the time. Maybe he's still recovering from that fancy vacation to Costa Rica in March.

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