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18 Gilmore Girls Thanksgiving Quotes That Capture Your ~Quirky~ Vibe

So festive!

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Gilmore Girls is the perfect Thanksgiving TV show. It's set in Stars Hollow, which is maybe the coziest, most autumn-hued town ever shown on TV. The entire setting feels like one giant (albeit sometimes overly talkative) family. And to top it all off, the titular Gilmores have a near-magical ability to eat anything and everything. All of that together creates a quintessential Thanksgiving vibe. That's why these Gilmore Girls Thanksgiving quotes for Instagram captions will make your holiday posts really shine with that extra bit of Gilmore charm.

The Gilmore girls celebrate Thanksgiving a few times throughout the show's seven seasons (plus the four-part mini-series follow-up in 2016). But there's one episode in particular that really bursts at the seams with Thanksgiving energy. In Season 3, Episode 9, "A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving," Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) try to squeeze four Thanksgiving dinners into one jam-packed day. They visit Luke (Scott Patterson), Sookie (Melissa McCarthy), Emily (Kelly Bishop) and Richard (Edward Herrmann), and Lane (Keiko Agena), so the episode features a full cast of quotable Gilmore Girls characters. The quotes from that episode — and plenty of other festive Gilmore Girls moments — will make for the perfect cute and funny IG caption on any of your Turkey Day posts this year.

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1. "Rory, what are we if not the world's champion eaters?" — Lorelai

2. "It's not too much food. This is what we've been training for our whole lives. This is our destiny, this is our finest hour." — Lorelai

"Or final hour." — Rory

3. "Shouldn't we say thanks first?" — Luke

"For what?" — Jess

"Well, that we're not Native Americans who got their land stolen in exchange for smallpox infested blankets." — Luke

4. "I ate tofurkey! How do you think I feel?" — Lorelai

5. "Well, the worst that can happen is that I spend some time in your town and suddenly have an urge to enter a pie in the county fair." — Paris

6. “It’s just my favorite time of the year. The whole world changes color.”— Lorelai

7. "Buy a vase." — Lorelai

"But I don't need a vase 'cause I never have flowers." — Luke

"Except when we bring you flowers every year on Thanksgiving. Buy a vase." — Lorelai

8. "Breathe in, folks. Smells like fall." — Taylor Doose

9. "I'm attracted to pie. It doesn't mean I feel the need to date pie."— Lorelai

10. "I was just working on my list of what to make for Thanksgiving and I was wishing you were going to be here and now you are! Oh my God! What if what I'm wishing for is actually coming true?" — Sookie

11. "I gotta get back to stuffing my turkey." — Luke

"Oh, honey, do you have time to do that and prep your Thanksgiving food?" — Lorelai

12. "You know, I've never made dinner for 12 people before. Actually, I've never made dinner before." — Liz

13. "So they're getting no break for Thanksgiving?" — Rory

“I put up a fold-out paper turkey and I laid out some Oscar Meyer." — Paris

14. “Violent pencil-tossing usually signals a need for pie.” — Luke

15. "I'm surprised you can eat at this point, even salad." — Emily

"There's still room." — Rory

"And if there isn't room, we'll add on. I know a good contractor." — Lorelai

16. “And if eating cake is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.” Lorelai

17. "Oh, please, we're not eating for a year." — Lorelai

"Or 'til tomorrow morning." — Rory

"Whichever comes first." — Lorelai

18. “I smell snow!”— Lorelai

While "A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving” is the only official Gilmore Girls Thanksgiving episode, there are a few others that are also worth a rewatch to help inspire your cozy, Turkey Day Instagram posts. In Season 2, Episode 10, “The Bracebridge Dinner,” the whole town of Stars Hollow gathers for a fancy, themed dinner at the Independence Inn, which feels a lot like a massive Thanksgiving dinner. Season 1, Episode 7, “Kiss and Tell,” features the town’s Autumn Festival and Rory dressed up in her pilgrim costume, which will probably give you instant flashbacks to your elementary school dress-up days. The truth is, any episode of Gilmore Girls is bound to give you at least a little Thanksgiving energy thanks to the show’s inherent coziness and family drama.

After you finalize your IG post and watch the likes roll in, you can relax with a few episodes of Gilmore Girls, which is streaming on Netflix.

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