Gillian Anderson Called Out 'The X-Files' For Behind-The-Scenes Sexism

by Billy Lorusso
Mike Pont/Getty Images

It's 2017, people, and, TBCFH, it's hard to believe I still have to write what I'm about to write, but here goes nothing.

Earlier this week, The Washington Post reported, according to IndieWire, the X-Files writers' room has hired only men to work on the series' upcoming season, which prompts the obvious question: Why are there no women working on this major series?

I'm not the only one who sees a problem here. X-Files star Gillian Anderson took to Twitter yesterday to comment on The Washington Post's article where she added only two out of 207 episodes have been directed by females.

ET Online then reported Anderson "slammed" the series for its male-dominated writers' room to which the actress responded with another tweet where she said she is "just stating the truth":

All of this comes after finding out recently showrunners initially wanted to pay Anderson half of what her male costar, David Duchovny, was making.

In a year that's seen incredible victories for female writers, directors, and actresses, it's almost unfathomable any room anywhere would not actively seek the input of women.

Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman has shattered box office records and is still pulling in insane numbers during its fourth week in theaters, and Shonda Rhimes has been dominating network television with her thrilling shows for years, so why is it women still have to convince people they have good ideas? Why is female talent not enough to equalize the playing field?

Now, this is not to say there aren't very talented men out there who also deserve to be in these positions, but the point is even in today's "modern" society, they are the only ones with any real opportunity. Think of all the incredible entertainment we'd have if women in the industry were regarded as highly as men.

Here's to looking forward to a day (hopefully tomorrow) when the hard work and talent of men and women will be recognized fairly, and a room filled with strictly male writers will seem like a science fiction series in and of itself.